Cultivate - cul·ti·vate
- To promote or improve the growth by labour and attention.
- To develop or improve by education or training.
- To promote the growth or development.

Hey, I'm Chris and before I start to tell you a little about me, I'd like to just take a second to thank you for visiting the Cultivate Website.

During the COVID pandemic, It was inevitable during such a time we were all going to be moving less and doing less in general and so a spark was lit. With a curious mind and a desire to find out how true the phrase "doing less while achieving more" actually was; Cultivate Conditioning was born.

Lockdown forced a shift in mindset for all of us, forcing us to adapt promptly, as we never had the facilities available that we did previously yet we all still wanted to maintain some sort of level of fitness. Off the back of this mentality or thought process, the idea of helping others to achieve more; whether it be physical fitness, knowledge or in any other aspect of life, became a reality.

Hopefully Cultivate is the answer to your problems and can bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Now I've given you the back story of Cultivate and how it was born, My name is Chris, Im 27 years old and from Glasgow in Scotland.

Im currently a serving member of the Royal Marines and a qualified Personal Trainer. I have served for around 6 years and have been a Personal Trainer for around 8 years, at the point of writing this.

As a result of my experience, both in the forces and outside, I am in a good place to help you reach your goals, regardless of what position you are in. I have been overweight in a past life, before joining the Marines, which wasn't an enjoyable experience, for me personally, and I have been at the tip of the spear when it comes to physical fitness. There isn't a point of the scale I haven't experienced.

As a bit of further background, along side a Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification, I hold a A grade qualifications in HNC/HND Fitness, Health and Exercise. I am a qualified in Kettlebell instruction, Aerobics and Spin but none more so relevant than the experience in working with real people every day. Up to now I have helped a vast array of people achieve their fitness goals. Something I am incredibly proud of.

Again, from me, thank you for visiting Cultivate.

If you have any queries, please refer to the contact us section of the website.